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Web Designing

One of our regular activities with a wider client base has been in the area of web sites. We design and host websites for a variety of clients. The websites are created using mostly the open source technology and tools. Our recent websites designed by using HTML5 & CSS3.Web Applications

More recently, with changing trends and easy access to the Internet, customers have begun showing interest in web applications. These latter have an advantage over traditional applications since they can be deployed not only across the internet but also on intranets. Web applications can play a crucial role in multi-branch organizations where data and activities straddle across cities, countries and continents. For instance, managers can have control over activities of units spread across distant geographic locations. By sharing the data over the internet the accounts department can prepare companywide payroll based on the personnel and attendance data without the need to send back and forth hard copies or email attachments among the different units.Some web application projects

An e-governance package for the Planning department, Pondicherry helps create a consolidated proposal for the budget for the UT. The union territory of Pondicherry is divided into 4 regions – Pondicherry, Mahe, Karaikal and Yanam. Before passing the budget in the Assembly, each region plans individually and proposes a budget. The four plans are consolidated into a single plan by central Planning dept. at Pondicherry. As the four regions are geographically dispersed, the web-based application avoids a lot of unnecessary movement of paper and personnel.

CompTool is a web application that helps sales personnel to create sales plans for sales representatives across 64 countries for Oracle Corporation, Bangalore. A sales plan is created, updated, viewed and processed by users at various levels (sales manager, supervisor, sales representative and administrative team) from different locations and time zones of the globe. Click here to learn of the client’s opinion.

Database of Industry Assessment (DIA) is an on-line Knowledge Management System for managing the survey data of the CTC phase-out project for German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). The system allows the project consultants to post their respective survey data from different locations from all over India to a common database on the web. The complete data is thus available to all consultants instantaneously. A flexible report generator allows them to extract highly customized reports for further analysis. Click here to see what GTZ says about the project.