Application Development

The software team at APT has extensive experience in designing and developing multi-user applications for the Windows environment.

Our experience extends to the following areas :

  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Financial Accounting
  • Patient Records System
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Personnel with electronic attendance

Client-server applications

Some of the systems we developed for our customers using traditional client-server methodology are briefly described below :

  • A Production Bonus System for Foseco India Limited, a multi-national company with one of its factories at Pondicherry. The system helped calculate with precision the monthly bonus to be paid to workers based purely on the quality and quantity of worker productivity.
  • A MIS system for German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) engaged in the CTC phase out project related to the Montreal Protocol.
  • An Event Tracker for GTZ to keep track of past, current and future events organized by GTZ or with the help of their various partners. The system not only keeps track of date, venue, and duration, objective of the event but also the contact information and responsibilities of persons involved in organizing the event.
  • A Medical Record System for Volontariat, a Pondicherry based NGO engaged in improving health among economically weaker section of society. The system records the history of patients coming to the hospital, the treatment provided to them, the costs involved and the effect of the treatment. The doctors at the organization have on-line access to the medical records of patients while attending to them. A variety of reports are output for the purpose of analysis and so